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Manufacturing of Condenser and Evaporator Coils with special reference to Industrial Applications, hence selection of inputs such as Copper and Aluminium is important.
We can manufacture larger coils with Flex Expander
We use imported copper and Aluminium which takes care of the coils quality parameters such as efficiency and Ruggedness of the coil.
Manufacturing Accuracy of coil diagonals within 2mm / meter. Flux based brazing to avoid the oxidation. Coils leak testing at 28 bar dry Nitrogen Pressure. Aesthetically elegant coil with Oil Free Fins for CLOF FREE Operation in dusty environment Ideal set up for medium quantity requirement

Condensers Condensers

Machinery :

1) 3/8" - 12 Row Draw Die with 1" Triangular Pitch Configuration
2) We offer a fins per inch to 14 fins per inch as per customer requirement
3) Copper straightening Machine
4) Hair Pin Bender up to 1800
5) Internal Cleaning System for the coil as per the standard ASTM B280 Internal Cleaning ensures to minimize the failure rates in the system. Coils are tested with 400 psi of dry Nitrogen
6) Flex Expander

Condensers ICE Bank Tank
Special Features :

1) Bright annealed Copper
2) Virgin 1100 Grade Aluminium for Quality Fins
3) Perfect Interference because of mechanical expansion for maximum heat transfer
4) End plates punched on CNC turret punch for bigger jobs
5) Internal cleaning will be done on special request

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